Company Profile History

MWN Tech is producing VR/AR educational contents and various plug-ins using Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.
We build an intuitive and effective interactive VR environment by utilizing various motion recognition sensors such as Kinect and Leap Motion and wearable computing devices.


• Establishment of MWN Tech

• Selected as Creative R&D Business from Small and Medium Business Administration of South Korea


• Selected as Smart Convergence Contents (Gov. Aid)

• Selected as Global Convergence Aid Program

• [Outsourcing] Developed VR Education for Children with Developmental Disability

• [Outsourcing] Cook Cook School / Cube X Cube Math

• Fire Fighter VR


• Selected as Global Promising Contents and Smart Media Service Government Aid Program

• [Outsourcing] WebGL Transformation Development for Korean University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech)

• Virtual Experience for Sidewalk Improvements in Seoul

• [Outsourcing] Virtual Training System (Demo) Development for KoreaTech

• Angry Ball VR


• [Outsourcing] VR Training of Arc Welding and Engine Lathe for KoreaTech

• [Outsourcing] VR Smart Training and Online Course Platform Design & Development for KoreaTech


• [Outsourcing] VR Training of Arc Welding and Engine Lathe for KoreaTech

• Angry Ball VR Launching (North America)


• Angry Ball VR Launching (South Korea)

• [In Progress] Face Scan

• [In Progress] Virtual Training Contents for KoreaTech

• [In Progress] VR Contents (Demo) for Solar Cell Making Machine