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Virtual Reality

MWN Tech loves virtual reality! MWN Tech is creating 3D virtual reality for game and education. MWN Tech member also interested in combining Immersivem wearable and IoT with VR.



Natural gesture recognition will change the world! MWN Tech focuses on various gesture recognition technologies such as Kinect, Leap Motion and Gyro/Accelerometer.




MWN Tech especially focuses on education area. MWN Tech is working on serious games such as math for kid with Kinect and fire fighter experience with Kinect and Oculus.



in Nice Way!

MWN Tech is all about making the world nicer! Create valuses for customer is the ultimate foal for the company and make the world better and nicer through nicer technologies!


About Us

Brief Introduction

MWN Tech is an IT company providing B2B and B2C products/services in various areas such as mobile games, mobile apps, educational games using Kinect, etc. The company is currently focused on mobile gaming and Kinect applications. We are aiming to expand our focus to immersive AR/VR and NUI(Natural User Interface) for wearable computing devices.

Our Motto

"Create nicer products, make the world nicer"

Looking for More Family Members

We are always looking for new members to join the corporate family! All you need is passion and creativity!

VR/AR/XR Development Service

VR/AR/XR Development Service



· VR / AR / XR implementation consulting ☞ GO



· Technology Transfer ☞ GO


Angary Ball VR

Fire Fighter VR

CookCook CookingClass

Cube x Cube


ArcWelding VR

EngineLathe VR

(Outsourcing) KoreaTech. Univ. Virtual Education System for demonstration

    • Engine
    • CleanRoom
    • PCB

(Outsourcing) Seoul block improvement Experience

(Outsourcing) KoreaTech. Univ. Virtual Education WebGL Conversion

(Outsourcing) Virtual Reality development Education for children with disabilities


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