MWN Tech

Make World Nicer Through Technology

Virtual Reality​

MWN Tech loves virtual reality! MWN Tech is creating 3D virtual reality for game and education. MWN Tech members are interested in combining motion with VR.


Natural gesture recognition will change the world! MWN Tech focuses on various gesture recognition technologies such as Kinect, Leap Motion and Gyro/Accelerometer.


MWN Tech especially focuses on education area. MWN Tech is working on serious games such as math for kid with Kinect and fire fighter experience with Kinect and Oculus.

in Nice Way!

MWN Tech is all about making the world nicer! Create valuses for customer is the ultimate foal for the company and make the world better and nicer through nicer technologies!


MWN Tech Co.,ltd

MWN Tech is a software company providing B2B and B2C products/services in various areas such as educational contents/simulations and games. By combining AR/VR/MR with motion sensors, the company provides better experiences in XR.

Our Motto

"Create better products, make the world nicer"


  • Simulation
    • Welding
    • Lathe
  • Game Engines
    • Unity
    • Unreal
  • AI
    • Image Detection
    • Automated AI training data generation using Game Engine ( image/box label generation)
  • Plug-in
    • Kinect2 Unity Plug-in
  •  Devices
    • Oculus/Quest/Quest2
    • HTC Vive/Pro/Tracker
    • Hololens/Hololens2
    • LeapMotion
    • Kinect/Kinect2
    • Virtuix Omni
    • Z-Space 
    • Custom VR  Input devices (Arduino)
    • Android / iOS (AR)


  • XR application development
  • Mobile app development
  • AI Image detection development
  • Technology consulting
  • Technology education


CleanRoomTour VR(2020)

I am a mummy scientist(2020)

Angry Ball VR(2018)

Fire Fighter VR(2015)

CookCook CookingClass(2015)

Cube x Cube(2015)


ArcWelding VR(2018)

ArcWelding PC(2018)

EngineLathe VR(2018)

EngineLathe PC(2018)

ArcWelding VR(2017)

EngineLathe VR(2017)

(Outsourcing) KoreaTech. Univ. Virtual Education System for demonstration(2016)




(Outsourcing) Seoul block improvement Experience

(Outsourcing) KoreaTech. Univ. Virtual Education WebGL Conversion

(Outsourcing) Virtual Reality development Education for children with disabilities(2014)


Company Profile History

MWN Tech is producing VR/AR educational contents and various plug-ins using Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.
We build an intuitive and effective interactive VR environment by utilizing various motion recognition sensors such as Kinect and Leap Motion and wearable computing devices.


• Establishment of MWN Tech

• Selected as Creative R&D Business from Small and Medium Business Administration of South Korea


• Selected as Smart Convergence Contents (Gov. Aid)

• Selected as Global Convergence Aid Program

• [Outsourcing] Developed VR Education for Children with Developmental Disability

• [Outsourcing] Cook Cook School / Cube X Cube Math

• Fire Fighter VR


• Selected as Global Promising Contents and Smart Media Service Government Aid Program

• [Outsourcing] WebGL Transformation Development for Korean University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech)

• Virtual Experience for Sidewalk Improvements in Seoul

• [Outsourcing] Virtual Training System (Demo) Development for KoreaTech

• Angry Ball VR


• [Outsourcing] VR Training of Arc Welding and Engine Lathe for KoreaTech

• [Outsourcing] VR Smart Training and Online Course Platform Design & Development for KoreaTech


• [Outsourcing] VR Training of Arc Welding and Engine Lathe for KoreaTech

• Angry Ball VR Launching (North America)


• Angry Ball VR Launching (South Korea)

• [In Progress] Face Scan

• [In Progress] Virtual Training Contents for KoreaTech

• [In Progress] VR Contents (Demo) for Solar Cell Making Machine