MWNTech의 액션퍼즐슈팅게임인 AngryBallVR은 현실적인 컨트롤, 부드러운 그래픽 및 아름다운 색상으로 VR에 최적화 게임입니다. 지금 당장 과한 귀여움의 세계를 경험하고 푹 빠져보십시오.


지금 Steam에서 이용가능합니다!

Angry Ball VR은 Steam에서 다운로드 할 수 있습니다.


아래 기기들을 공식지원합니다.

  • HTC Vive
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Odyssey VR (Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR 이 필요합니다)
  • 외의 SteamVR을 지원하는 WindowsMR계열의 VR을 사용가능합니다.

“Help! Kittens in danger!”

It’s a beautiful sunny day. You are enjoying a nice stroll, feeling the warm sun on your face when……. YOU ARE SUCKED INTO A MYSTERIOUS PORTAL OUT OF NOWHERE!!! When you come to your senses, a talking cat explains that you have landed in Catworld, a peaceful land of cute and happy cats (Yes, cats). But there is no time for confusion, No! Before you know it, Catworld is invaded by the Evil Block Aliens of Blocklandia. They start viciously kidnapping the cutest littlest kittens, showing no mercy! Their plan is to take over the world by turning everycat and everything into blocks and will stop at NOTHING!

You guessed it…. YOU (yes, YOU!) are the “Chosen one” *majestic drumroll*, and YOU are the last hope for the cats of Catworld, the last hope for these kittens to return to their lives of being cute and happy once again.

So… What do you say? Are you the hero of the legendary meowprophecy? Will you, with your Mighty Warrior Laser Slingshot, become the hero of Catworld ?!

(Please say yes… kittens should be cute and happy, right?)

+ Designed for a room-scale Virtual Reality experience.

+ An Action-Puzzle Slingshot Shooter with realistic controls and beautiful graphics. Destroy the Evil Box Aliens to restore peace in Catworld.

+ Use your Mighty Warrior Laser Slingshot to destroy various types of Block Aliens (Regular Block, Light-up Block, Magnetic Block, Reflective Block, etc.).


Angry Ball VR uses Teleportation to allow users to explore the environment freely and comfortably. Simply use the trigger on your Right Controller to activate teleportation.


Booster Mode

Use Booster Mode to double the power of your shots. Keep your hand in charged position for a few seconds to activate Booster Mode. The marble will eventually turn red, indicating that the booster is ready.

Random Marble

Adds 1-3 ammo at random.

Booster Marble

All marbles get a booster for 10 seconds.

Infinity Marble

Infinite ammo for 10 seconds

Trajectory Plus

Maximum travel distance of marbles is increased.

Normal Block

The default block.

Wood Block

Takes two hits to destroy.

Indestructible Block

Self-explanatory.(Moves in certain situations)

Directional Bomb Block

Destroys three cubes in the direction of the arrow.


6 Way Explosive Block

Destroys one block in all directions in a straight line.


Plus Minus Block

All blocks destroyed when middle block is hit.

Reflection Block

Bounces balls off.



Blocks containing kitten

Game over if hit.